Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Stop acting like you are famous when you are NOT.

I just don't get it. Why do some people nowadays have this weird tendency to act as if they're one of those "Hotties" in town? What is so cool about being famous anyway? It is not like we are going to die if we are not famous. You may have thousands and thousands of friends in Facebook & Friendster. Or lots and lots of follower in Twitter, Myspace and more.... But in reality, do you really think that all of those people who added you, followed you, would really have the intention to be your friend? Really want to know more about you? Really care for you when you need them? No! They don't, they're just like you, trying to be famous by adding more people to add in their friend list... Like they said-- THE MORE THE MERRIER. Or is it? What if one of them is a stalker? Or you enemy, disguising as some else...... waiting for the time for you to make mistakes and destroy you by that. Think people...THINK! Being famous is not everything that you should think of. Just be yourself.

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