Wednesday, 27 February 2013

12 Tips to Overcome Laziness

What is laziness?

It is the desire to be idle, to do nothing and resist effort.

It is a state of passivity and of letting things stay as they are.

Sometimes, we enjoy being a little lazy, such as after working hard for several hours, or on a very cold or warm day, but if this state occurs too often, something has to be done about it.

In order to perform our chores and work efficiently, and to live a full, active and successful life, we must learn how to overcome laziness.

Simple tips for overcoming laziness:

1) Break down a task into smaller tasks
We often avoid tasks because we find them too big, too overwhelming, too tiring, or taking too much of our time.
Breaking a task into several smaller tasks can solve this problem. Then, each one will not seem so difficult or intimidating. Instead of having one big task, we will have a series of small tasks, which do not require too much effort.
This approach can be applied not only to tasks, but also to goals and everything else we have or need to do. This will tend to melt much of the laziness and inner resistance we often experience.

2) Rest sleep and exercise
In some cases, laziness is due to being tired and lacking energy. If this is true in your case, you need to give yourself the rest and sleep you need, and also give your body enough exercise and fresh air.

3) Motivation
In some cases, the reason for laziness is due to lack of motivation. You can strengthen your motivation through affirmations, visualization and thinking about the importance of performing your task or chore or achieving your goal.

4) Have a vision of what and who you want to be
Frequently reflecting on the person we want to be, the goals we want to achieve, and the life we want to live, can motivate us to act.

5) Think about benefits
Think about the benefits you will gain if you overcome your laziness and take action, instead of thinking about the difficulties or obstacles. Focusing on the difficulties of the task or action lead to discouragement, avoidance of taking action and to laziness. It is important that you focus your mind and attention on the benefits, not on the difficulties.

6) Thinking about the consequences
Think about what will happen, if you succumb to laziness, and don't perform your task or chore. Thinking about the consequences, if you do not act, can also push you to take action.

7) Doing one thing at a time
Focus on doing one thing at a time. If you feel you have a lot to do, you will probably feel overwhelmed and let laziness overcome you, instead of you overcoming laziness.

8) Visualization
Your imagination has a great influence on your mind, habits and action. Visualize yourself performing the task easily, energetically and enthusiastically. Do so before starting with a task or goal, and also when you feel lazy, or when your mind whispers to you to abandon what you are doing.

9) Repeat affirmations
Tell yourself:
"I can accomplish my goal."
"I have the energy and motivation to act and do whatever I want or have to do."
"Doing things makes me stronger."
"Doing things makes things happen."

10) Regards a task as an exercise
Consider each task as an exercise to make you stronger, more decisive and more assertive.

11) Procrastination
Avoid procrastination, which is a form of laziness. If there is something you have to do, why not do it right now and get through with it? Why let it stay nagging at the back of your head?

12) Learn from successful people
Watch successful people, and how they do not let laziness win. Learn from them, talk with them and associate with them.
Overcoming the habit of laziness is achieved through a series of daily actions and activities, when you choose to act, instead of remaining passive. Every time you overcome your laziness you get stronger. Every time you choose to act, you increase your ability to win, achieve goals and improve your life.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

10 health tips for lazy people

Improve your health with minimal effort

Getting fit and healthy can sometimes feel like a major effort. However, there are many health-boosting changes you can make that won’t feel like such a chore. To help make the shift into exercise and healthy living, check out our top 10 health tips for lazy people.

Lazy health tip 1: Build exercise into your routine

Many of us think we need to spend hours working up a sweat at the gym to stay fit. However, while intense workouts are beneficial, they can also be extremely off-putting and are not strictly necessary. Research shows that regular daily activity could be more effective than sporadic workouts, so rather than allotting a specific “exercise time” a day, try peppering your day with gentle bits of activity such as taking the stairs instead of the lift, doing the housework, or walking to the shops at lunch.
Doing some lunchtime window shopping is an effortless way to burn calories

Lazy health tip 2: Make your own ready meals

We all know that eating fresh, homemade produce is good for us, yet many of us are far too tired to be whipping up a culinary masterpiece after a hard day’s work.  However, rather than falling into the trap of relying on shop bought ready meals which may be lacking in nutritional value, try making your own healthy versions instead. By cooking up healthy meals in large batches at the weekend, you can be sure to have plenty of healthy choices in your freezer for those days when you’re too lazy to cook.

Lazy health tip 3: Get a pet to improve your health

If you want big health results without making a big effort, getting a pet could be the way to go. Multiple research studies have shown that pet owners have improved physical and mental health, including lowered blood pressure, better ability to cope with adverse life effects, and lowered stress levels. For those who need encouragement to up their fitness levels, getting a pet dog may also provide you with that push you need to get out and get active.

Lazy health tip 4: Exercise while watching TV

Vegging out in front of the TV can be the quickest way to pile on the pounds. However, couch potatoes needn’t despair; there are plenty of ways to keep healthy and active in front of the screen. To boost your fitness while watching TV, try squeezing a mini-workout into each commercial break. From situps to skipping or a quick run up and down stairs, there are plenty of ways to introduce activity into your TV-watching schedule. The golden rule is simply to keep moving, with research suggesting that even fidgeting while sitting can burn up to 350 extra calories a day.

Lazy health tip 5: Do a crossword puzzle

If you really can’t find the energy to put yourself through a workout, take the opportunity instead to work on another area of your body – your brain. Boosting your mental health is just as important as improving your physical wellbeing, and luckily this can be done from the comfort of your couch. Research has found that frequent participation in mentally stimulating activities can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, so rather than switching on the TV when you get in from work, give your brain a challenge and reach for a crossword, Sudoku puzzle or book instead.

Lazy health tip 6: Have leisurely meals

If there’s one instance where being lazy is an advantage, it’s when eating your meals. Taking long, leisurely meals – as opposed to eating on the run or multi-tasking – is a great way to look after your digestive system and also help you lose weight. By eating more slowly and focusing on your food, you will enjoy and savour it more and cut the risk of overeating. Also, as it takes 20 minutes for your body to register the feeling of being full, by eating more slowly you will feel full after less.
Order a fruit and vegetable box and get nutritious, healthy produce straight to your door

Lazy health tip 7: Order a fruit and veg box

If compiling your own healthy shopping lists feels too much like hard work, save time and energy by letting someone else do the work. Many farms and health food stores now deliver seasonal fruit and veg to local areas on a weekly basis, making it easy to try varied healthy produce without stepping foot out your door. Alternatively, for those who want more and have pennies to spare, several companies now offer the option of having prepared healthy meals delivered direct to your home.

Lazy health tip 8: Hit the dance floor

While the idea of a workout fills many with dread, there are plenty of ways to stay fit without it feeling like hard work. If you struggle to get motivated for an organised exercise session, try turning a night out into a workout instead. Hitting the floor for a dance is a great way to get fit, burn calories and tone and strengthen the body. More importantly, unlike with the gym, it provides a fun workout that won’t feel like exercise.

Lazy health tip 9: Supplement your diet

Keep falling off the healthy eating wagon? Try complementing your diet with a good quality nutritional supplement or “superfood”. While it’s no substitute for a healthy eating regime, on those days when your good intentions slip by the wayside a good supplement should help tide you over. Try a multi-vitamin complex or a natural “superfood” – such as spirulina, wheatgrass or bee pollen – which is packed with nutrients to help keep your health on track.

Lazy health tip 10: Get lots of sleep

While laziness is generally considered to be detrimental to your health, when it comes to sleeping it can actually pay off. Research has found that sleep can help you live longer, boost your memory and reduce stress, while getting less than five hours a night can lead to accidents, weight gain, and increased risk of heart disease. While it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, getting a regular eight hour’s sleep is a cheap and simple way to boost your health.

Friday, 22 February 2013

What Say YOU????

Taib Mahmud the longest and oldest Chief Minister in the world will be visiting Long Lama town tommorrow where he will officially open a surau and a health clinic. Like what Anwar Ibrahim did recently, Taib and his wife should travel by land from Miri to Long Lama so that they would feel and experience the rough ride along the Lapok road especially from the Miri/Bintulu/Beluru road junction to the SMK Bakong junction and from there to pekan Lapok in Sungai Tinjar then to Long Lama. After all its CMS his family's company that was given the main contract to re-construct and to tar-seal this later stretch of the road which has been subcontracted to Shin Yang. 

While in Long Lama, Taib should explain to the voters in Baram why he issued the Licence for Planted Forest to Pusaka KTS Forest Plantations Sdn Bhd over the thousands of hectares of lands which the people in Sungai Apoh, Sungai Tutoh and Baram claimed are their NCR lands? Why his BN govt issued provisional leases for oil palm plantations to companies like Tung Huat Pelita Sdn Bhd, IOI Pelita Plantation and Boustead Pelita Plantation also over lands which the people of the longhouses of Kampung Long Laput, Baram, the Berawans of Kampung Long Teru, Long Jegan and Long Tabing, the Ibans longhouses in Sungai Lutong, Bakong and in Bukit Limau, Tuyut, Tinjar and the Kayans and Kenyahs of Kampung Long Teran, Tinjar, Baram claimed as their NCR lands or land over which the Sarawak Govt permitted them to settle on. 

Whether the BN Govt will also permit, encourage and/or recognise the rights of the people of the longhouses, namely, Kampong Long Miri and Kampong Long Pilah and all those Baram people who have cleared, occupied and cultivated the lands (with oil palms) within the alleged Lemiting Protected Forest. Taib must also explain why the BN directed the Land and Survey Dept Surveyors to limit the NCR perimeter survey of NCR in Baram only to areas cleared before 1.1.1958 and not according to the communal land boundary or sempadan or the antara or garis menoa of or between the longhouses? That has resulted in the exclusion of huge areas of the NCR lands of the Baram people which after the said survey will be gazetted as the Communal Reserve for the longhouse.

And If Taib does not do that, I urge and challenge all Taib's BN elected representatives from Baram in particular YB Dato Jacob Dungau Sagan the MP for Baram and BN/SPDP candidate in this coming Parliamentary election to speak up in front of Taib and in front of all those from Baram attending the function in Long Lama tommorrow to tell and urge Taib to tell all those present the BN's stand on all these crucial matters affecting the people of Baram. To all the BN elected representatives, this is the most opportune time to tell Taib your boss about the problems and needs of the Baram people. Remember, you were elected by the people of Baram to represent act and speak up for them. You were not elected to heap praise on your boss. If you do not have the courage, then, you are a misfit and therefore unfit to be the representatives of the people of Baram. So please resign immediately. Do not give our Baram people a false hope that you are a leader who will fight protect and defend their rights.